Mood disorders & Neuro-protection

Mood disorders & Neuro-protection

Mood disorders affect an unbelievably large proportion of the South African population, with an unprecedented 27% of the population suffering from Depression, and 15.9% suffering from any anxiety disorder in 2020. It is therefore more than likely that most people personally know someone suffering from anxiety or depression.

CBD shows major potential as a healthy herbal remedy for mood disorders as opposed to pharmacotherapy medications.

when considering treatment for mood disorders: It is important to note that psychoactive medications are often prescribed indefinitely (long term) and have innumerable negative effects such as:

  • Emotional numbness, insomnia, and sexual side effects in adults
  • And emotional and/or behavioral alteration; as well as delayed cognitive development in children when medication is discontinued (due to a developing brain in the presence of abnormal hormonal levels)


This is where Super-CBD comes into play so effectively. The non-addictive and neuroprotective properties of CBD has been suggested to make the brain more responsive to existing serotonin- the body’s mood regulation hormone.

NOTE: Makes the brain more responsive to EXISTING SERATONIN LEVELS (and does not promote abnormal production as compared to pharmacotherapy). It therefore effectively brings the body and mood back into balance, reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


A word from our founder:

As a child and youth development practitioner and psychologist, I am continually exposed to the negative impacts of pharmacotherapy for clients with mental illness. It is from this experience of damage done by pharmacotherapy in children under the age of 18 that I began experimenting with and endorsing the healing powers of CBD alongside traditional psycho and behavioral therapy. The results needlessly were beyond reproach and lead to the birth of HealingHerbsSA.

Brendan Minné, founder & CEO HealingHerbsSA


Disclaimer: The information in this website is opinion, and is intended only as a reference guide for further exploration, it is not a replacement for professional health advice. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Prescribed medicine should not be discontinued.