AMAZING Mindfullness Trick to Deal with Stress & Anxiety


Ever been stressed and felt it was impossible to calm down or unwind?

I bet you have! It's a natural human response. Bet you didn't know that when you feel anxious or wound up, something interesting happens!


Your body finds itself in the same state as when you are preparing to fight or run for your life from a burly brown bear.

Unfortunately, even when there's no bear, stress triggers the same (albeit milder) physiological reaction

AKA. The last thing your body cares about is maintaining a calm/healthy body and mind- Thank you sympathetic nervous system!


Unfortunately getting rid of chronic stress and the resulting sleeplessness; irregular heartbeats; panic attacks; stomach aches; muscle pains; irregular digestion and even diabetes can be just as difficult as fighting off that brown bear we mentioned.

But don't stress (if it was only that simple!), the following handy "emotional first-aid" trick will work wonders when you are desperate to convince your body that there's no bear out to get you:

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The trick is "Mindfulness".

Mindfulness is a sort of emotional first-aid that helps you root yourself in the present and overcome anxiety-causing “regret of the past” and “fear of the future”.

When you feel your heart and body tense up or you simply want to relax or sleep, do the following:

1• Have a seat, lay down, or stand comfortably.

2• Close your eyes, breathe deeply for a couple of seconds and focus on the air in your lungs.

3• Then Focus on every muscle in your body from your head down to your toes while your eyes are still closed (remember to breathe deeply).

4• Open your eyes and look for something around you that you can see, hear or smell that makes you happy.

5• Put a smile on your face (yea literally; it helps trick the body) then just think about whatever makes you happy for a while.

6• When you're ready, carry on with your day/night trying to maintain that calm feeling you experience (remember to smile).

7• Repeat whenever you need and remember that stress and worry can only rule your life if you let it!

Brendan Minné

Founder HealingHerbs SA

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